who am I

Who am I

Personal and professional background

  • Margaretha (Pam) van Engelshoven, born in Curaçao
  • studied and worked in Holland (HRM and Social sciences: Organisation, Policy and Management at University of Utrecht)
  • 1999 back in Curaçao to work as free lance teacher/trainer/coach/ consultant
  • working experience at several organisations in the Netherlands and Curaçao,in area's like healthcare,social work, education and professional training.

What makes me move

  • putting on my competences for new development; sharing; getting to the core, the essence; continuous learning; creativity
  • connecting (people, opportunities)
  • working for a broad target group and in a broad field of activity


What am I good at

  • being a coach, sparring partner, catalyst, analyst and connector (in personal, organizational and professional issues)
  • generating new ideas, creating possibilities
  • switching between levels (f.e concrete-abstract; strategy-operations)
  • making things simple and practical


  • I like to read "online" in this site's name as: being connected as the condition for the co-creation of solutions
  • I like to round off an assignment with a short text or story related to the shared experience


"Pam understood our question very well and with here attitude created a wonderful peaceful atmosphere in a stressful situation"
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